If you want to become a millionaire, then the best thing you can do is to invest in real estate. But finding the right investment opportunities can make the difference between a regular investor and a Real Estate mogul. That’s why we created a list with some of the best tips you can use if you want to invest in Real Estate and reap the benefits fast and easy.

Buy a property, then repair and sell it for a profit

This is one of the best Real Estate investment ideas, and the best thing about it is that just about any time you do this, you can earn a profit. But there are some things to keep in mind. It doesn’t matter how badly damaged the property is, your focus has to be on the overall location. You need to acquire a property in a very sought after location. Then once you repair that house, you’ll end up reaping the benefits, and you can resell it for a profit.

If you go with such an approach, you need to work with contractors who you can trust and who are super reliable. Otherwise, there will likely be problems, which will cut into both profit and timescale.

Use online real estate investment platforms

Most of the Real Estate investment methods listed in this article require you to have tens of thousands of dollars. But in this case, you can invest with $100, $500 or anything like that. Yes, the returns are not as high when compared to other investment methods. But - it’s one of the few ways for a newcomer to start investing in real estate with limit amount of money.

You do need to take your time and find properties to repair and re-sell. In this case, you just invest a minimal amount online and then you go from there. Yes, you need a larger investment for a good ROI, but it doesn’t matter that much in the end. Your focus has to be on investing even a small amount, then you can use your profits for even more investments. And since you can invest slowly without any limits, you will have no problem getting an astounding ROI at the end of the day.

The main reason that online real estate investment works is because it delivers the value you want quickly and it offers some rewarding results. Above all, you can start investing even if you don’t have a lot of money.


When investing in residential real estate is property it is usually single family homes, condos, town homes, or multi-family up to four units. These are the places that you, your family and friends live and sleep. The place most people call home. Anything above 4 units is considered commercial property and will require commercial loans when purchasing. Which is usually why the platforms are divided into those for residential investing and those for commercial investing. For residential real estate investing there are platforms like Roofstock, where you can find homes to purchase and rent out.


For commercial real estate investments, look at platforms like Fundrise. This is where you will find all the other types of properties to invest in. You will find retail, office, apartments buildings, warehouses and even mobile home parks.

Invest in a rental property

Rental properties are great because you buy the property, fix it up a bit and then rent it to other people. You still own the property, so the capital is yours, but this way, you even get to acquire income from it as well. And the best part is that you can sell the property if you want. It’s a really impressive and helpful system, one that will work very well and which you can adapt and adjust all the time at your own pace.

Alternatively, you can rent only a single room. That might be a bit harder when it comes to paperwork, but you can live there as well and the overall costs will be lower. It’s the best of both worlds for a lot of people, for others it might be a bit risky. The trick here is that you want full-property, long term rentals in order to maximize your profits. You can’t become a real estate mogul without using strategy. But once you do it adequately, it will work very well.

Purchase a property, then wait a while until you sell it

Most of the time real estate property prices will go up, so waiting a bit until the price goes up and re-selling the property makes a lot of sense. The challenge here is that property prices can go down too, so knowing the market trends is crucial if you want to use this approach. It’s a much better idea to also rent during this time because you get a steady source of income and you can still stop renting and eventually sell the property when the market prices are back up. The idea is not to rush and sell the property just because there’s an option to do that. Understanding market trends and acting based upon market knowledge is crucial to your success here.

Which is the best real estate investment option?

That all comes down to you and what approach you like the most. Purchasing homes and then fixing them up to sell for a profit is very popular. But you have to register as a business and that can lead to lots of taxes. If you want to avoid stuff like that, then opting for the buy then rent approach works. You will still own the property, and you can earn monthly income via renting that home. It makes sense, it gives you an astounding ROI and the results can be good if you do this right.

In conclusion

Finally, You shouldn’t rush with real estate investments, study every detail to ensure that you’re picking the right option. If you’re a newcomer or you want to invest very low amounts, online real estate investment platforms are very good option for you. They will help you earn a good income without having to worry about major risks. And you can always withdraw your investment if you want to, which might bring in a great ROI in the end. Hence, if you want to become a millionaire, real estate investments offer you one of the best ways to fulfill your dreams. But you’ll need to make smart investments, so you have to understand the risks if you go down that path!

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