Dividend Investing

One of my strategies for growing my wealth is dividend reinvestment.  I purchase dividend paying stocks and Fidelity automatically re-invests all the dividends I receive.  One of the best parts about Fidelity is they do the reinvestment for free, no trading fees.  Most importantly, it's automatic and my wealth grows with very little work.  You need to check an eye on your investments but if you choose great companies, like the dividend aristocrats, there should be very little maintenance.

Dividend Goals

For 2016

Dividend updates

Update July 1st, 2016

It's six months in and I'm about half way to two of my goals.  My dividends are a little behind but I think if I can get the other $6,000 invested soon I will be able to pick up two quarterly dividends.

One of my investments, NTI, was doing very well and returned $2,500 last year.  However, WNR has decided to acquire NTI this year and therefore my dividends have been lower than I hoped.

Update August 14th, 2016

So after including all my July and August to-date dividends, I am 56% of the way to my goal of $7,500.  For the first six months I had $3,457 in dividends, which puts me on track for a total of $7,000.  So, that puts me slightly begin schedule to hit my goal by the end of December.


Monthly Dividends

Quarterly Dividends

Yearly Dividends

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