Congratulations on taken a step on the road to financial independence. This worksheet will help you burn though your debt in record time. But first you will need your own copy of my spreadsheet. So, if you haven't download it yet, just fill in the form below, and we will email you the link.

Enable Macros

In order to be able to the functions of Checkelope you will first need to click 'Enable Content' when you first open the spreadsheet. Note that there are some warnings.

Also, note that any cell that is shaded blue is for you to enter your numbers. All the other cells are calculated and are locked so you don't accidental over write the formulas. 

Enable macros

Entering a deposit

Enter your deposit. You can either enter a deposit by hand or use the Budget Percentage calculator to automatically enter the budgeted amounts for you. Enter your budget percentages for each category into cells I6 to R6, making sure they add up to 100% (cell F6 will calculate the total for you). Then enter your deposit amount in cell F7 and press the "Copy" button. The amounts in cells I7 to R7 will be copied to the next available row with today's date.

Entering an expense

To enter an expense simple type in the details to the first blank line, Date, Payee, any Memo, and the amount in the appropriate category, make sure to use a minus sign. if you return something to the store then use a positive number in the field. You can split up a purchase into mutliple categories by putting the appropriate amounts into the different categories.

Growing up financially
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